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Compartment Latch Plungers
Each kit includes one aluminum plunger and four rivets.   Each plunger is shipped with white grease in the "cavity" which will disperse after being installed in the latch.  Note:  Some baggage compartment doors have two latch assemblies per door.  These plungers are used in very many RV basement doors and all Discoverys until at least 2010. (See the latch plunger replacement instructions here).  Price - $ 12 each
Riveting Tool
This riveting tool is to set the rivets when reassembling the latch with your new aluminum plunger.  On most RV installations, the rivet MUST have a flat profile in order to be installed in the door.  While this seems like a simple matter, this type of rivet is set with a machine at the factory and is not a common rivet, therefore no manual rivet setting tools.  I attempted to set the rivets with a number of punches and other devices in my shop with no success.   This is when I developed the punch.  Strongly recommend it.   It is reusable for as many rivets as needed.
(See the latch plunger replacement instructions  here ).  Price - $ 15 each (only 1 needed)
Hold Down Bolts
Stainless Steel battery hold down bolts that will not rust. Guaranteed for as long as you own them.   If you are not satisfied with their performance, I will replace them free of charge.  These bolts have a hex head so you can hold them with a socket or they
can be welded to the bottom of the battery box.   The bolts are 5/16-18 X 12 inches long and have 4 inches of threads.  Each bolt comes with a nylon inserted stainless steel nut and flat washer.
Price - $ 11 each (see note below)
Battery Clips
These stainless steel clips, together with our stainless steel hold down bolts, will eliminate corrosion damage to your battery hold down hardware. Fit all standard T-105 GC2 deep cycle batteries (golf cart batteries).

Price - $11 each (see note below)
Switch Covers
Replace your broken or cracked switch covers with one piece, quality replacements.    Stocked in almond color but can make white or any color with a 2 week lead time.  We stock 1 gang thru 4 gang but can make larger plates to facilitate more switches.   The rocker switch opening is .865" wide X 1.062" high.

Prices - $28 for single; $32 for 2 gang; $36 for 3 gang; $40 for 4 gang.  These are guaranteed for as long as you own it.   If you are not satisfied with their performance, I will replace them free of charge. 
NOTE - When ordering more than 10 items there are discounts available.
DOAI members - please inquire for additional discounts!
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